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    <alllinks alcontinue="Guaranteed_Google_Accuracy|1" />
      <l fromid="19" ns="0" title="Chrome" />
      <l fromid="2" ns="0" title="Clearing Browser Cache" />
      <l fromid="2" ns="0" title="Difference between Proxy and VPN" />
      <l fromid="2" ns="0" title="Error 619: How to fix" />
      <l fromid="1" ns="0" title="FAQ" />
      <l fromid="19" ns="0" title="Firefox" />
      <l fromid="2" ns="0" title="Fixing Connection Settings" />
      <l fromid="16" ns="0" title="FoxyProxy Products" />
      <l fromid="17" ns="0" title="FoxyProxy Services" />
      <l fromid="2" ns="0" title="FoxyProxy with I2P" />