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  1. Can I change my IP for my account?
 There is no option to change location from your side, in fact we only offer one location per account. We can change it once or 

twice during your subscription term (I just did) but we don't change locations/rotate proxies by request. If you require more than one location please purchase more accounts.

  1. Can a single subscription be used to set up multiple proxies?
  2. Proxy/VPN is disconnected
  3. How do I change my password?
  4. How to cancel my account?
  5. How to renew my account?
  6. How to subscribe a new account?
  7. How to change my payment information?
  8. How to set up proxy?
  9. How to set up VPN?
  10. How to set up OpenVPN?
  11. How to disable the proxy?
  12. Can I have free trial?
  13. What is the high bandwidth for?
  14. How to take a screenshot?
  15. How to test the speed?
  16. Why BBC could not play?
  17. Why Hulu is blocked?
  18. Why the proxy is so slow?
  19. Questions about URL pattern
  20. Questions about Foxyproxy Plus
  21. Questions about TV box connecting
  22. Do you offer SOCKS proxies?
  23. How can I set up OpenVPN in Linux?
  24. Erroneous/fraudulent charges
  25. How many computers can I use FoxyProxy Plus on?
  26. How to log in my customer panel?
  27. How can I change my subscription term?
  28. How to set up IPv6? No, we don't provide.
  29. How to refund?
  30. How to update my billing information?