incorrectly places my proxy location

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Google Incorrectly places your proxy location

If you've signed up for one of our proxies/VPNs and notice that Google displays an incorrect location for your IP address when connected to it, don't be alarmed. The accuracy of geolocation databases varies and even Google is sometimes very inaccurate. Before submitting a support ticket, first check your IP address against a different geolocation lookup service to determine where your IP address is really located. We recommend . If you don't know what the IP address we assigned to you is, visit to find out.

IP Shows you geolocation results from different IP lookup services and is generally more accurate than Google. Google uses their own proprietary methods for determining the location of an IP address and this is something we do not have any control over. If you'd like to prevent from redirecting you to a google page in a foreign language, force google to display results from "" by clicking on the "Use" link at the bottom right of the Google page with the incorrect country.


If doing the above isn't enough, or if you need the google location to be accurate, we can provide a Google-Accurate IP address for a small fee. Contact our Support team for more information.