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PPTP VPN for iOS 8

Follow these steps to create a PPTP VPN connection on an iOS device.

1. Tap on the Settings icon on you iOS device.

Pptp vpn ios8 step1.png

2. Tap on General, then scroll down the left pane and tap on VPN.

Pptp vpn ios8 step2.png

3. Tap on Add VPN Configuration...

Pptp vpn ios8 step3.png

4. Enter the details received from FoxyProxy. Make sure you select PPTP.

Description: FoxyProxy VPN - USA server (it is just an example)

Server: enter here the hostname received from FoxyProxy

Account: enter here your proxy/VPN username

Password: enter here your proxy/VPN password

Encryption Level: Maximum

Sent All Traffic: ON

When it is done, tap on Save.

Pptp vpn ios8 step4.png

5. You are almost there! To start the VPN connection toggle the VPN selector to ON.

Pptp vpn ios8 step5.png